Brawl Stars Championship 2020 - June Finals - Day 2

게시일 2020. 06. 07.
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Tune in to watch the Brawl Championship June Monthly Finals! World's twelve top teams are competing for fame, glory and the Brawl Championship ranking points. All the action will be brought to you by Falcone, Woody, Tridd and Ark!
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Day 1 (Saturday):
· 8:00 UTC - Asian Finals
· 10:00 UTC - European Finals
Day 2 (Sunday):
· 14:00 UTC - LATAM South Finals
· 16:00 UTC - NA & LATAM North Finals
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  • is this update or something or its just a video

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  • I was banned, account: MechaFrancyYT 9000 + trophies. If you don't solve this I will never give you 5 stars! + report! 😠

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  • 1:14:29 Intz took a big L

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  • 3:54:50 that scream tho

  • 3:01:29 wait what isnt that sk gaming

  • 1:06:59 true piper moment Piper: *snipes enemies with her umbrella* Me: Oof I'm done

  • 1:06:13 they spin and it makes me laugh 😂😂

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  • I love bobby for that

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  • Yo ARK and WOODY. You maybe wanna play once together if you dont want to i totally understand that.

  • Come on man pass that ball

  • Cómo se ase para partisipar en un equipo porfa si hablas en español porfa

    • Supersell te quiero juego todos tus juegos todos los dias

  • 3:16:15 bobby with 18 trophies pam !!

  • Porque surpercell ñ pota legentas

  • bruh they spend more time talking and explaing

  • Let's have a riot! Why gems do not fall from boxes ??? Why did they do this, I think it's not fair, they just like that, and they want everyone to donate it's not fair :( I understand this is their game, they are the main things there, but damn it, I feel that many are not happy that gems do not fall from the boxes

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  • Hey brawl stars can you make the boss fights easyer make them have way lower health take away their stomping feet take away the anger thing make it easyer and take away their missels make them do lower damage take away the minions my person is level 15 and he cant beat it make it easyer

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  • Does Ark officially have a stutter or is it just when he casts and gets excited?

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